[Presentation] Improve CSS performance

If you have done heavy styling,  bad CSS codes can slow down your page loading. It can also cause browser crash. you should consider optimizing css. Here is a very nice presentation by Jon Rohan about improving CSS performance. Few of

Connecting Zend Application to mongoDb using Doctrine ODM [ubuntu]

For high performance and  scalable application NoSQL database like mongoDB is the best match for Zend. There are dozens of MongoDb available for Zend but no doubt that Docrine ODM is the beast and reliable. But for total beginners like me it

Deploying Zend Frameork 2 “Hello World” Application [Ubuntu]

Let us learn to deploy Zend Skeleton Application provided by ZendFramework as our Hello World Application. [symple_highlight color=”blue”]1.[/symple_highlight]Clone Zend framework 2 Skeleton Application in the server root. Go to your server root and clone the skeleton application on github: [crayon-5a1800135749d540553147/]

Installing Zend Server in 3 steps [Ubuntu]

The easiest way to install Zend Framework is using the autoinstall script provided by Zend. This autoinstall script will automatically install Zend server which include apache, php, Zend database and Zend framework. Optionally you can also installed it with ngnix

How to Make custom desktop Shortcut Icon [Ubuntu]

Many of us must have thought to create custom Desktop or Dash Shortcut with custom Icon. Simplest way to creating shortcut is to  right-click and select Make a Link option. Using this option what we get is an ugly shortcut with shortcut

How to block ads on Android Apps [for rooted device]

There are plenty of useful apps available for android which are free in cost but contain ads.These ads are not only irritating but also consume data bandwidth and system resources.  There is very easy trick using which you can get

[How to ] Download video and other media on Linux (graphically)

Using video using flashgot

Many Linux user who have migrated from windows must be missing a GUI download manager and  accelerator  like Internet Download Manager aka IDM. Using IDM one can very easily download videos and other medias from sites like YouTube. In this post

How to execute a command automatically at boot [Android]

In response to my last post “Fixing sdcard bug in CyanogenMOD” , one of my reader (Amol) asked How to execute command automatically at boot on his android phone. One of the method is to place custom shell script in  /system/etc/init.d/ , but here

Play Mario on your Linux or Windows.

You must had played the  mario game by Nintendo in your childhood!  How it could be if you can still play it on your Linux or Windows or OSX system without need of any emulator? Kudos to the developers at  stabyourself.net . They  recreated the  Super

Fixing sdcard bug in CyanogenMOD

In stock ROMs we know that external sdcard is mounted as sdcard/external_sd . When you root your device and flash CyanogenMOD you’ll find that external card is mounted as /mnt/emmc and internal sdcard as /mnt/sdcard.   Don’t worry it is a

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