Spoken-Tutorial Project: unique way to learn free and open source Software

Spoken -Tutorial Project is undertaken by Indian Institute of Technology , which is the initiative of ‘Talk To Teacher’ project (TTT)  by National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT) , which is funded by Ministry Of Human resources government of India.

This project is started with aim to spread digital literary in India using FOSS study.  The project at IIT-Bombay develop Audio-Visual coarse-ware on FOSS system called ‘Spoken-Tutorial’. These spoken tutorial is a very convenient way to learn free and opens source software. Anyone can access the complete coarse on their website free of cost without any registration.  Hence it is proved a great tool of self-learning of FOSS technologies. This project also organize workshops known as SELF workshop for students, Teaching and non-teaching staffs of school-colleges, Government Organization and SMEs and also award certificates from IIT-Bombay to the participants.  These workshops are organized locally by volunteers and remotely monitored by  IIT-B. For more detail go to their homepage.

Currently spoken tutorial has self-learning courses on Blnder, Gimp, Java, PHP & MySQl, Python Programming language , Linux operating systems, LibraOffice, Latex, Scilab, Drupal etc.

So if you want to start from zero level, then these tutorials are great tool to learn. Give a try to it. You can download or watch these tutorials online from this page. Each tutorial have some set of assignments which should be performed while watching the video, which will enhance your understanding.

IIT-Bombay under Spoken-Tutorial project is willing to organize  2 hour  workshops in  government organizations, NGOs, SMEs and School and Colleges in India. As it’s government project, theses workshops  are  free of cost.  These workshops will be conducted locally be promoter of this workshop recognized  by IIT-Bombay and will be remotely monitored by them.  You can contact IIT-B at this email ID for more information. If you want to organize this workshop in Kerala, you can contact me at this email ID .

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