Geany: a powerful and light weight editor for GNU/Linux

However most of the geeks prefer command line editor like Vim , nano etc or simple GUI like Gedit on Linux systems. But many of us miss a light weight yet effective editor like GNU/Linux system. Notepad++  is an example of such editor but unfortunately Notepad++ is available only for Windows system.

But for Linux system we have a better alternative : Geany. Geany, in many way is more powerful than Notepad++ and has many functionality. Additionally it come with lot of plugins.

Some of the main features of Geany are:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • Code folding
  • Symbol name auto-completion
  • Construct completion/snippets
  • Auto-closing of XML and HTML tags
  • Symbol lists
  • Code navigation
  • Build system to compile and execute your code
  • Simple project management

Here is the screenshot of the user interface of Geany:

 Geany is available for almost all Linux architecture. You can find downloading and installation information for you linux distro  here.

For Ubuntu you can install it from Software centre or executing following command in the terminal:

apt-get install geany

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